Production processes

Our terrazzo tiles are made from natural materials, such as high-strength white cement, carefully selected marble powder, the best marble granules washed and de-dusted, colouring oxides and water.
Our production, with zero environmental impact, is completely made in Italy.

The raw materials are first mixed using special machinery, then vibrated and strongly compacted with hydraulic presses. We then move on to the maturing process that occurs naturally in humidity-controlled cells until an optimal quality product is obtained.

There are no ovens of any type in the production cycle, hence no CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
 Waste products are further treated and reused in the production cycle or as aggregates in construction.

After maturing, the tiles are processed according to the type of finish required by the customer, using various machines such as calibrators, sanders, polishers and bevellers. Machines that work with the aid of water taken from a closed-circuit plant to limit consumption.
For decorative tiles, the production process is performed entirely by craftsmen, from the preparation of the mixes to the actual shaping of the tile, which occurs through the use of different moulds for each design, where the various colours are patiently and skilfully poured by hand, exalting the value and unique qualities of the “hand-made” material.

A philosophy of ancient production techniques, incorporating a new model of sustainable consumption. Products that last over time, to be maintained and renewed and not replaced. The concept of disposability, so much in vogue in the 1970s, is part of a modern culture that, in today’s world, we can no longer sustain or “step on”.